Admission Terms

The British kindergarten ASPECT accepts children from two to six years of age.


The “Path to Success,” with its bilingual principles, is designed as a 5 year educational program. The program clearly outlines the targets for the academic year for each age group, taking into account the possibility of new children joining an already formed group. This allows the newcomer to be included in the educational process at any year without detriment to their educational achievement.


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In order to enroll in the British kindergarten, you must:


  1. Call and make an appointment with the Academic Director for a primary interview.

  3. Sign up for an interview with a speech therapist and a psychologist.

  5. Fill out the application form and pay an entrance fee

  7. Conclude an agreement for the provision of educational services

  9. Bring a medical card with clearance from all necessary specialists to the ASPECT medical centre (see attached list).

  11. If a child is transferring to ASPECT from another preschool institution, it is necessary to provide documentation that the child is not under quarantine.

  13. In order to be admitted to a group, it is necessary to get clearance from the ASPECT medical staff. This is done by providing results from an enterobiasis analysis and all other pertinent medical documents to the British kindergarten ASPECT medical staff.