Educational programmeBritish StandardsCultural programme

The “Path to Success” is a 5 year educational program that prepares the child for education both in Russia and abroad. Our program not only develops the child’s cognitive abilities, but also instills in them a desire for further education. The teachers of British kindergarten ASPECT are able to turn even the most difficult lesson into an exciting game, proving that learning is interesting.


The basic educational program is officially conducted in two languages – Russian and English. English is integrated into all five educational areas. The social and communicative field is represented by different types of games (active, role playing, and didactic), which are conducted by foreign teachers (native speakers of English), throughout the day. These games are constantly supervised by psychologists, who developed a working program for the psychological and pedagogical support of individual pupils. The formation of elementary mathematical representations (cognitive development) occurs in two languages, with the introduction of special vocabulary (Maths in English). Speech development is provided by a system of lexical themes (in Russian and English), conducted in various types of children’s activities and adjusted with the help of our speech therapists’ programme. Artistic and aesthetic development is cultivated in the art studio and through music classes. In our art studio, the children are engaged by both Russian and foreign teachers (Arts & Crafts), as they are in their music lessons (English Music). The physical development of our children is no less important for us than their intellectual development. Three weekly PE lessons are held to ensure the optimal regimen of physical activity: lessons in the gym, swimming lessons, and outdoor activities with a foreign teacher (Physical Education).


In addition, the constant presence of foreign and bilingual teachers in all age groups creates an English-speaking developmental environment, and allows our children to learn English by immersion. The children’s progress in the basic educational program is diagnosed by writing individual annual reports.


 Weekly Lesson Plan Basic Program
Daily Organized Lessons Junior 1 and 2 Group Senior 1 Group Senior 2 Group Preschool Group
The World Around Us 1 1 1 1
Speech and Language Development 1 1 1 1
Grammar 0 0 2 2
Mathematics 1 1 1 1
Russian Literature 1 1 1 1
History of St. Petersburg 0 0 1 1
Arts & Crafts (Russian) 1 1 1 1
Music 1 1 1 1
Physical Education 1 1 1 1
Swimming 1 1 1 1
Arts&Crafts 1 1 1 1
English Maths 0 0 1 1
English Music 1 1 1 1
Physical Education 1 1 1 1
Total 11 11 15 15
Traditional Daily Activities
Circle (etiquette theme based) 1 1 2 2
Circles (english) 4 4 3 3
Total 5 5 5 5

Lessons conducted under the “British Standards” programme utilize visual material, which makes it easier to learn the basics of the language. Our professional British teachers employ a communicative approach during their lessons, making use of audio and video materials, as well as the best tested teaching aids. Further, Western educational methods used in the British kindergarten ASPECT are adapted to Russian cultural norms. All lessons with children are held in game form, with a strict division of children into mini-groups of 5-7 people.


ENGLISH SYLLABUS, number of lessons per week


Junior I Junior II Senior I Senior II Senior III
Circles 4 4 4 4 4
English 4 4 4 4 4
English Literature 1 1 1 1 1
English Music 1 1 1 1 1
English Math x x x 1 1
English Reading/ Writing x x x 3 3
World Around Us x x 1 1 1
Sensory development 2 1 x x x
Physical Education 2 2 2 2 2
Arts and crafts activities 1 1 1 1 1
Science x x 1 1 1
Listening Comprehension x 3 3 4 4
Geography x x 1 1 1
ICT x x x x 1
Personal, social and health education 1 1 1 1 1

In addition to the educational programme, a very interesting cultural programme has been developed for the children, which includes a variety of field trips with visits to the zoo, the aquarium, planetarium and much more. Children really like our traditional trips to the Summer Garden and the Peter and Paul Fortress, as well as various excursions around the city. Also, during the school year they visit a variety of museums and learn a lot of interesting information.

The cultural programme of the British kindergarten ASPECT allows children to get acquainted with both Russian holidays and the holidays of English speaking countries, which teaches them a lot about the culture and traditions of Great Britain. All children happily take part in the Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day celebrations. We also celebrate the children’s birthdays, so parents need not worry that their child will be forgotten on such an important day. We will happily organize an exciting programme with entertainers for your child. And every child will receive a gift and hear the traditional Happy Birthday song on his or her birthday.


Festivals, Special days


September September 1 – Day of Knowledge


Zoo (SI)

St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Fortress (SII)

Summer Gardens (SIII)

October October 31 – Halloween

Charity Event

Philharmonic (JI, JII, SI)

Optical museum (SIII)

November November 5 – Guy Fawkes’s Day

November 11 – Remembrance Day /

Poppy Day

November 25 – Thanksgiving Day

Puppet Show (JI, JII, SI)

Zoological museum (SII)

A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communications (SIII)

December December 25 – Christmas

New Year’s Festivals

Railway museum (SIII)
January January 27 – The Lifting of the Siege


Puppet Show (JI, JII, SI)

Philharmonic (SII, SIII)

Museum of A. Suvorov (SII)

Museum “The very beginning” (SIII)

February February 2 – Ground-hog day

February 14 – St. Valentine’s day

February 23 – Motherland Protectors’ Day

Artillery Museum (SIII)
March March 8 – Women’s Day

Pancake Day/ Shrove Tuesday

March 17 – St. Patrick’s day


Dolls’ museum (SI)

Russian Museum (SII)

Puppet Show (SII, SIII)

Museum of Water (SIII)

April April 1 – April Fool’s Day


April 22 – Earth Day


Philharmonic (JI, JII, SI)

“Krasin” Icebreaker Museum (SII)

Museum of Astronautics and Space Technique (SIII)

May May 9 – Victory Day

May 27 – Birthday of Saint-Petersburg

May 31 – ILA “ASPECT” Birthday

Vasilyevsky Island (SII)

Palace square (SIII)

June June 1 – International Children’s Day


Puppet Show (JI, JII, SI)

Museum “Fairytales’ house” (SII)

Final celebration (SIII)

Museum “Grand Maket Rossiya” (SIII)

“LabirintUm” (SIII)