The private British school ILA ASPECT

Located in an elite neighbourhood of Saint Petersburg, the KRESTOVSKY branch of the International Educational Centre ASPECT offers a unique British-Russian co-curriculum based on the British National Curriculum and the Russian Federal State Educational Standard for children aged 3-11.
We provide:

We strive to prepare both Russian and international pupils for successful entry into the best possible further education worldwide. Our broad and balanced curriculum may be modified to meet individual needs. International pupils who opt out of the core Russian programme will be taught Russian as Foreign Language.

We take pride in our teaching staff which includes qualified teachers with excellent professional credentials and British curriculum experience as well as expert Russian teachers. Our teaching team is multinational and the team members work together closely to support the learning programme.

The school is equipped with the latest technology and features a library corner where the pupils can check out a range of reference materials, including resource books, story books, and non-fiction books.

The academic year lasts 10 months, September 1 through June 30. School holidays are scheduled according to the Russian legislation. For children aged 3-7 school is closed only on bank holidays.

Let your child embark on their educational journey at ASPECT, KRESTOVSKY branch, and we will do our best to ensure a smooth ride!