The international educational center ASPECT (ILA ASPECT) is a subsidiary of the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ACADEMY (ILA), which was established in 1997 as a division of the NORD ANGLIA EDUCATION GROUP, the largest corporation in the field of private education in the UK. It unified 15 ILA training centers in 6 countries around the world. In 2001 ILA withdrew its membership, and is now an independent company that provides services for teaching foreign languages ​​at a highly professional level. The educational center ASPECT deals with children’s educational programs, both in Russia and abroad.

      The main goal of ILA ASPECT – to enable Russian children and children of foreign citizens living in St. Petersburg to receive not only a quality Russian education, but also an opportunity to study under the British Standards program, which follows the UK educational strategy as closely as possible.

      The education system used in ILA ASPECT encourages the development of the children’s creative abilities and personalities. The process of development of the individual characteristics of the children begins at the earliest stages, with studies conducted in two programmes.


     ILA ASPECT is divided into several departments. They include: the British kindergarten ASPECT, British school ASPECT, the Early Development A-Baby Center, English language training, an exam preparation centre, A-Study (study abroad), ILC summer camps Jolly Kids (Russia) and Liba Camp (Czech Republic), as well as various studios for preschool and school children.

British kindergarten ILA ASPECT   British school ILA ASPECT


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