School education

Private language schools are significantly different from general education schools. This applies, in the first place, to the number of hours allocated for the study of English. In addition, in a private school, highly qualified teachers are usually employed using the most modern and effective teaching methods.

School education of a high level

This is how British School ILA ASPECT works in St. Petersburg. An important distinguishing feature of this educational institution is the combination of the advantages of Russian and British educations. This means that training is conducted in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Russia and British National Standards.

An in-depth study of English implies not only an acquaintance with linguistic constructions and nuances, but also with British culture. An integral part of the British Standards program is the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) language-based integrated learning. It allows you to combine learning a foreign language and special subjects: Country Studies, Home Technology, World Geography, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Science.

An important aspect of the work of school education is the preparation for the Cambridge examinations. The status of the Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre is a sign of distinction that shows that ILA ASPECT adheres to world standards in teaching English.

British school ILA ASPECT is one of the best education schools in Russia. Students get the opportunity:


Such diversified development and in-depth knowledge give high school graduates a high chance of entering the most prestigious world universities. School education in Russia is built on the provisions of the state program, and at British school ILA ASPECT this is taken into account. Simultaneously with the study of English, students fully master the knowledge that students of general education schools receive.

Everything necessary for success

A huge advantage of British school ILA ASPECT is English teachers. This makes it possible for children to master authentic pronunciation. In addition, training is conducted in a psychologically comfortable environment, schoolchildren communicate with peers who share common goals.

All these factors combined with an individual approach provide not only a quality education, but also personal development. Such a start will necessarily bring brilliant results in the near future.