Best English School

If you want to give your child the best education, you should choose the best English school in Russia, ILA Aspect.  This institution is a testament to the ideal way of studying English without moving to Great Britain.

The British school ILA Aspect is the first British school in Saint Petersburg which is the equal of prestigious educational institutions located in England.  It’s a place for those who want their children to receive a quality education, study various subjects in English, and become acquainted with British culture.


Within the walls of ILA Aspect we have created an English-language environment where children come happily to learn new things.  Aspect is your English school!  Here, children become part of a friendly, close-knit group where effort and discipline are welcomed.  Our excellent teaching team and teaching methodology include both the uniqueness of Russian state education and the great advantage of a superior British school.

Why should you send your child to ILA Aspect?

It’s simple!  It’s the best school in Saint Petersburg and has an enormous quantity of advantages


Thanks to our specialized educational system and unique program, your children will not only speak English ideally, but will also receive a high-quality general education.  The multifaceted development and deep knowledge of our students help them to pass exams at a high level and enroll in any university.  Our school offers the best conditions and we will do everything possible to ensure that your child’s school years are both interesting and productive. Сhoose the best English school!