English School

If you want your child to have a bright future, you should consider their education beginning in their school years.  If you want your child to receive a high-quality education and to have the chance at a prestigious career in the future, then you should take a look at ILA Aspect.

Our English school is an excellent place, where your child can find himself in an English – language environment.  Our students receive not only grammatical knowledge, but also study speaking in order to communicate with those from other European countries freely.  Additionally, they study other subjects, read books, and receive a general school education in English.


Our English language school has been operating since 2001.  In that time we have been able to show ourselves as one of the best educational institutions in Saint Petersburg.  In fact, there are no other licensed private schools like ours.  We combine the best facets of the Russian educational system and the best of British schools.

We operate a primary, middle and high school.  Students from 11 – 18 study in the middle and high school, where they deepen their knowledge, learn to apply it, and prepare to sit exams in prestigious educational institutions.


Aspect British School can truly be called an English learning school, since it is an official preparation centre for all Cambridge exams.  More than 20,000 universities, leading companies, and government institutions worldwide accept Cambridge English exams. 

Our English school is a great choice thanks to:

In addition to school, we operate a kindergarten where young children also find themselves in a world-language environment.  The private British kindergarten Aspect accepts children starting at two years old.  Each child receives both professional care and personal development.  The kindergarten develops social skills, encourages the appearance of talents and assists in education.