International pre-school St. Petersburg, Russia

It’s a well-known fact that the European educational system is one of the best in the world.  Of these, some of the most prestigious are the educational institutions of Great Britain.

One of the best primary schools, ILA ASPECT, is ready to give your child an excellent education in Russia.  ASPECT is a genuine British pre-school St. Petersburg in Russia.  Here, your child will learn to find a common language with his peers.  Addtitionally, he will be able to do so in English, as the defining feature of English pre-school St. Petersburg, Russia is a bilingual education which allows children to communicate in English freely.

The KRESTOVSKY branch of our British primary school ASPECT accepts children from an early age.  This allows the child to adapt socially and begin his education.

Study in International pre-school St. Petersburg, Russia is conducted in correspondence to Russian Federal governmental educational standards as well as the British standards programme.  Teachers from Great Britain and the United States will give your child thorough preparation for his further education.

We take great care to create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere.  This is extremely important for children’s comprehensive development.  Teachers will help your child your child to orient himself in a circle of interests, and to achieve results in beginning with them.

Remember that the KRESTOVSKY branch of ASPECT includes:

The best choice for your son or daughter.

If you want the best education for your child, you should think seriously about enrolling him in ILA ASPECT.  We have excellent teachers, who will find an individual approach to each of our students.  All children who study here receive everything necessary in order to set goals for themselves, and achieve them, in the future.