Nurseries for foreign children St. Petersburg, Russia

If you want to give your children a good education, it’s best to think about the choice of educational institution as soon as possible. A child receives useful experience from his or her first educational environment, which he will carry with him for the rest of his life. For this reason, choosing the conditions in which your young student will receive knowledge is a serious responsibility.

If you and your child currently live in Russia and you are searching for Nurseries for children of expats St. Petersburg, Russia, the British school ASPECT is an excellent choice. This school allows your child to receive a primary school education in conditions which are comfortable for him with communication and classes conducted in English. The school programme corresponds simultaneously to British and Russian educational standards.

At ILA ASPECT, staff is selected carefully. Each teacher knows his subject inside and out, and also knows how to teach the material to each child, depending on his or her capabilities. Our teachers strive to create an environment in which children are interested in learning.

ILA ASPECT holds high standards of English language study. A portion of our general education subjects are also taught in English, but in the Russian academic style, which differs from other nurseries for English speaking children St. Petersburg . In this way, the school has all the advantages of a multicultural education in an English-language environment. Parents have the opportunity to give all of this to their child without leaving Russia.

If your child has yet to reach school age, but is at least two years old, then you have the opportunity to begin his education and adaptation early – ILA ASPECT is one of the best nurseries for foreign children St. Petersburg, Russia. Here, your child will be well cared for, will receive tasty and healthy food, medical care, social development, and a solicitous attitude towards his or her personality. Your child will be located in an English language environment from the earliest age and will have the opportunity to use two languages as his or her native tongue.