International kindergarten St.Petersburg

Today, the desire to maximally improve the level of education has led to most of the globe being bilingual. This is due to the fact that foreign languages are part of school curricula.

At the same time there is bilingualism, which consists of the knowledge of two languages, which can be either active or passive. English kindergarten St. Petersburg is an educational institution of a private type, created and functioning with the purpose of educating children to be bilingual.

Characteristics of English kindergarten St. Petersburg

Today we can say with confidence that the knowledge of a foreign language at a decent level is an urgent necessity.

International kindergarten St.Petersburg is a private kindergarten with intensive learning of foreign languages. In addition, the British Kindergarten ILA ASPECT employs a highly qualified teaching staff, which makes the most of innovative educational technologies in combination with classic education.

The particular qualities of International kindergarten St.Petersburg is the use in the educational process of standards from both Russia and the UK.

Advantages of International kindergarten St.Petersburg

Kindergarten for children of expats, St Petersburg, Russia has the opportunity to master a foreign language at a high level through innovative educational programs that:

In the process of upbringing and teaching, teachers try to stimulate creative initiative and activity of pupils. For students in International kindergarten St.Petersburg, they try to create the most comfortable psychological environment.

All this, combined with an individual approach to each student, contributes to the most effective and quality system of education for bilingual children, which is the foundation for the child’s further development.