Day-centre St. Petersburg

In order to give your children a quality education, you need a prestigious educational institution.  With the Russian opening of the private British school ASPECT.  The school also operates After-school clubs St. Petersburg.

Why should you choose our school?

How does ILA ASPECT work?

Lessons are from 8:45 until 16:30. If needed, after 16:30 your child can participate in extra lessons.  Day-centre St. Petersburg offers many options: chess, brain gym, drama, sport clubs, yoga, tae-kwon-do – extracurricular activities which enable the child’s multifaceted development as well as advancing his or her communicative abilities.

What can our graduates do?

Thanks to our individual approach and our well-thought-out programme, our students receive an education built on the best methods of Europe and Russia.  The private British school ASPECT is a good choice for those who care about their children’s future.