English For Kids

Today, education plays an important role in each person’s development.  The quality of a person’s education directly influences his or her choice of university and profession.  The private British school and kindergarten ILA ASPECT provide a high-quality preschool and general education.

British School ILA ASPECT

First and foremost, our private British school is oriented to learning English for kids.  We take care to establish a special atmosphere in which every child feels comfortable and free.  Learning progresses according to a unique plan, this corresponds to the best Russian programs as well as British standards, which are founded on the age-old traditions of British schools.

Our students learn special subjects in English, and study grammar and spelling as well as conversational and formal speech.  After graduation, students of the British school ILA ASPECT have a very good chance of winning admission to some of the world’s best universities.

Our school first began accepting students in 2008.  Today, children from ages 7 – 18 may enroll.  The school has lower, middle, and upper groups.  Since 2011, our school has been an official “Cambridge ESOL” Exam Preparation Centre. 

This intensive preparation, as well as English lessons for kids and our professional teaching staff give your child a chance to enroll in a prestigious European or other Western European university post-graduation.

British Kindergarten ILA ASPECT

Childhood development is also important from a very young age.  If you live or work in Saint Petersburg and are looking for a kindergarten where your child will be not only looked after, but also given knowledge, then the British kindergarten ILA ASPECT is ideal for you. 

When you leave your child with us, you are entrusting him or her to experienced teachers, psychologists, and medical professionals.  Our cafeteria provides 4 nutritionally balanced meals every day.  All of our food is prepared from only the best ingredients.  The quality of these ingredients as well as prepared food is always verified by the head cook as well as the head nurse.

Our students enjoy entertaining and informative lessons as well as celebrations which help them to develop their creative skills.  And of course, they study English for kids.  Exposure to an English-language environment from a young age will help your child in learning and speaking the language in the future.