British English kids

You don’t have to live in the UK in order to provide a prestigious education for your child. You can do it all here in St. Petersburg. If you want your child to get a high-quality education, then come to British school ILA ASPECT. We teach not only Russian-speaking citizens, but also children of foreign citizens working in St. Petersburg. Both native English speaking children and native Russians will be comfortable learning in our system. Coming to our school, the child completely immerses him/herself into an English-speaking environment and communicates with native English speakers.

Features of the school

British school ASPECT is a guarantee of a quality education. Children not only learn to speak English correctly, but also get acquainted with the culture and history of Great Britain. In addition, many subjects are also taught in English. This approach to learning helps children at the end of their school years to not only know English grammar, but to also freely communicate in it and understand academic texts. British English kids are well prepared to join top universities and academies. British school ILA ASPECT is the official centre for the preparation of the entire Cambridge exam line.

The main advantages of the school are:

Learn English kids in kindergarten

In addition to our school, which accepts children from seven to eighteen years of age, we also have an educational program for young children. If you want your child to be immersed in an English speaking environment from a young age, then you can enroll him/her to study in Brithish Kindergarten ILA ASPECT. There he/she will not only be aided in social development, but will also receive instruction in kid’s English.

The child will study in an English-speaking environment, which in the future will help him or her to more readily adapt to the British school. In addition, British Kindergarten ILA ASPECT employs highly qualified teachers, psychologists, physicians and other specialists. Classes with children are aimed at developing one’s creative abilities in: theater, fine arts, music, sports and other subjects. Due to the fact that there are a small number of children in each group, teachers can find an individual approach to each and every one.