English Education

Today it is very important to receive a high-quality basic education, as it is a guarantor of good employment in the future.  If you live or work in Saint Petersburg and are searching for a school for your child, then you should consider our private British school ILA ASPECT.  ASPECT is an educational institution which provides a very high level of both English and Russian education for your child.

Characteristics of the British school ILA ASPECT

The British School ASPECT is located in Saint Petersburg.  It has two branches on Vasilevsky Island and one on Krestovsky Island.  ASPECT is a specialized institution which provides English education for kids.  Our first private school opened its doors in 2008.  Today, we welcome students from 7-18 years of age.  Our educational programs are directed towards children in lower, middle, and upper groups. 

The primary feature of the British school ILA ASPECT is that it combines the best features of the Russian educational system with those of a classical British school.  This is a unique project, which exposes your child to an English-language environment.  A special accent is placed not only on learning English itself, but on learning other subjects in English.  For example, the British program includes subjects such as World Geography and Essay Writing.  Students become familiar with the culture and history of Great Britain and also read its literature – all in English.

The British School ILA ASPECT has created a special program for the students of its older classes.  This program is meant to prepare students to enroll in institutions of higher education.  In 2011, we received the title “Cambridge ESOL” Exam Preparation Centre, which officially gives us the right to prepare students to take Cambridge exams.


There are a range of advantages of English education at the British school ILA ASPECT:

By the end of school, our children can easily communicate with native speakers, since they know English grammar as well as conversational and formal speech.  As is well-known, basic education plays an important role in the future development of your child.  If you want to provide your child with the ticket to a bright future, our school can help.