Private School Education

When a child reaches a certain age, the time comes to think about how he or she will receive a genuinely high-quality education.  If, from a young age, your children find themselves in an atmosphere which encourages productive mental activity, then their chances of success in adult life grow significantly.

Therefore, it’s important to approach the question of school choice for your child with utmost responsibility.  ILA aspect gives its students a high-level private school education which combines Russian academic teaching methods with European standards of learning.  The school has a license from the Saint Petersburg Educational Committee as well as Cambridge ESOL certification, which speaks to the quality of the educational product offered, the high qualifications of the teaching staff, and the wide range of possibilities for students after graduation.

You can give your child a Russian school education in English.  Subject-integrated learning recommends itself by way of the high results it helps students to achieve.

Among Russian children’s schools, ILA Aspect gives a more complete linguistically immersive atmosphere within school, and also organizes educational trips to Great Britain with an educational focus for its students.  Studying in our school is a guarantor of the opportunity to continue education in the best European universities.

This is a great option for parents who would like their children to speak a minimum of two languages freely, but would also like them to achieve competence in all areas of the general educational programme.

ILA Aspect has a system of controlling the quality of knowledge received by students which speaks for itself.  It has a warm atmosphere of reciprocal respect as well as an interesting cultural programme.  The school also has an afterschool programme.

The school has its own private kindergarten.   Our kindergarten has a high-quality system of preschool education, convenient working hours, and an individual approach to each child.  If you are in Saint Petersburg, you have the opportunity to place your child in a small group of other children where everyone speaks English during your working day.

The mission of ILA Aspect is to create a high quality educational product which is attainable by every student as well as the advancement of the individual talents and abilities of each of our children.