Primary education

Private language schools provide a powerful knowledge base for children and open new doors of opportunities. As a rule, such centres surpass conventional general education, both in the structure of education and methods, and in the usual conditions of childcare. Specialists working in private institutions undergo a rather tough selection, because the future of the child and the school itself will depend on the skills and experience of the teacher.

The British private language school – one of the divisions of the company ILA ASPECT – provides a standard gradation of levels for students. If your child is from 7 to 11 years old, then the system into which it is distributed is called Primary Education, i.e. education for junior classes.

Primary School Education

This stage is aimed at making the learning process as comfortable and exciting as possible. We try to maintain a cozy atmosphere, while classes are held in a dynamic manner, where everyone will feel a real interest and a craving for knowledge and will strive to develop new skills. Methodologies, in spite of the complex structure, will teach how to quickly learn new information.

The teacher is with the children for the duration of the classes and is responsible for the safety of the students until the end of the lessons. After the end of the lessons, the extended day group and the children’s supplementary education studios begin. Our specialists perfectly understand the psychological aspects of the development of the child’s nervous system and competently approach the development of each child. A psychologist also works at the school.

We provide Education St.Petersburg with unique programs and a fairly large linguistic programme, which fully adapts children to English.


British school ILA ASPECT – one of the ILA ASPECT units creates for children a better learning structure that encourages creative and intellectual aspirations. During the holidays, educational trips are organized to the UK, Finland and other European countries. These programs give children a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily life of foreign schools, combine the educational process with live communication with English-speaking peers, and go on exciting excursions. Our graduates have a high chance of entering the best world universities and academies.

About the cost and programs you can learn from our administrators, or by personally visiting the ILA ASPECT units.